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Cecillia-a patients story 72.jpgA Patient's Story

Cecilia Kincaid is like most 7 year olds. She enjoys coloring. She gets a kick reading Junie B. Jones stories. And she especially likes seeing the Moravian star atop Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.


*Pediatric Motility Disorders

Pediatric Motility Disorders

Dr. Fortunato examines a patient.Easing your child’s discomfort

Children with the kind of gastrointestinal problems that bring them to our motility disorders unit have typically had longstanding symptoms not explained by conventional diagnostic testing. For this reason, the true cause of their discomfort has not been recognized.

“Many children are stigmatized as having behavioral problems when there is really more to explain their condition,’’ says Dr. John Fortunato, who heads the pediatric motility unit, which is becoming a “go to’’ place, nationally and even internationally, when it comes to difficult cases.

“While psychological problems may be linked to gastrointestinal disorders, it is bad to assume that this is the exclusive root of the problem for the majority of children.’’

Here at Brenner, children who are severely constipated, or who suffer from bowel and urinary incontinence — as well as intestinal and stomach disorders such as chronic nausea, abdominal distension and pain — are treated with respect. Discussion of diagnosisOur doctors and nurses listen to them. And they talk with parents at length.

Then they use some of the most advanced technology available. This can include the electrogastrogram, or EGG machine, which measures electrical waves in the stomach, or manometry, which measures movement of the GI tract from esophagus to small intestine to colon to anus. After studying results, Dr. Fortunato and team devise a treatment plan to address the disorder. The plan, unique to every child, ranges from changes in diet to specific medications to surgery to regenerative medicine, a field in which Fortunato and his team are actively engaged.

Pediatric motility disorders are still a developing area within gastroenterology, with limited treatments available. It is our cutting-edge research and willingness to explore unique options that allows us to stand at the forefront of the field. 


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