Brenner FIT 5K Challenge

We regret to announce that the Brenner FIT 5K Challenge, an annual fundraising event for the Brenner Families in Training (FIT) program, has been discontinued.

We appreciate the support shown by the community over the past four years and the difference that support has made for families who rely on the program.

Brenner FIT is a family-centered, evidence-based approach to weight management. It uses the latest in research-proven methods to improve the weight and health of children and their families. The whole family is included in the treatment process, which focuses on changing habits and behaviors rather than on restrictive diets and harsh exercise regimens.

Although the 5K Challenge will no longer be held, Brenner FIT will continue. We are fortunate to have this program in our community to guide families to a healthier life, and we hope you will continue to support Brenner FIT with your time and resources to help fight childhood obesity in our region.

Donate now to the Brenner FIT Fund.

For more information on the program, visit Brenner FIT.


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