Holiday Card Fundraiser

Previous years' cards are now available at the discounted price of $6.00 per pack or order 10 or more packs for $5.00 per pack! (10 cards/10 enveloped per pack) Quantities are limited.

Order your holiday greeting cards and gift tags NOW or by calling 336-716-7988.

    Inside greeting on all cards - Wishing you all the Joys of the Holiday Season.

     Brenner Baby Foot Print Card 2015

     Ruth's footprint card

    John Furches "Poinsettia" Card 2014

    Furches Poinsettia 2014

    Brenner Add-Your-Own-Photo Art Card 2014

    2014 Brenner Photo Card

    Brenner Baby Foot Print Card 2013

    2013 Baby Foot Print Card

    Brenner Baby Foot Print Card 2012

    2012 Foot Print Card