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The Pediatric Enhanced Care Program

The goal of the Pediatric Enhanced Care Program is to improve the quality of care for children with complex chronic conditions and their families. These children have multiple health care providers involved in their care, are dependent on medical technology to live, and are frequently hospitalized. Dr. Savithri Nageswaran MD, MPH, is the Medical Director of the Pediatric Enhanced Care Program. 

Services of the Pediatric Enhanced Care Program

The Pediatric Enhanced Care Program (PECP) provides palliative care to children with serious illnesses hospitalized at Brenner Children’s Hospital. PECT was started in 2008 with funding from the Duke Endowment. PECT helps children and families with medical decision making, discussion of goals of care, emotional support and symptom management. We serve children by enhancing communication between health care providers and caregivers, and by providing continuity of care across hospitalizations. Ms. Andrea Radulovic RN, BSN, MPH, is the Nurse Coordinator of PECT. Please contact 336-716-4111 for PECT services. 

Community-based Pediatric Enhanced Care Program (CPECT) 

The Community-based Pediatric Enhanced Care Program (CPECT), started in 2009, provides family-centered, community-based care coordination for families of children with complex chronic conditions in Forsyth County. CPECT is funded by the Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children grant from the Health Resources & Services Administration. This program leverages the strong collaborative relationships that exist among agencies serving children with CCC in this community.

CPECT works with primary care physicians and offers care coordination services and emotional support to children with complex chronic conditions and their families. Ms. Aura Rosado, BSW, MSW, is the Care Coordinator of CPECT. Please contact 336-713-2189 or for CPECT services. 

Declan Donoghue Collaborative Care Program 

The Declan Donoghue Collaborative Care Program, started in 2011, is an innovative program at Brenner Children’s Hospital designed to reduce mortality and morbidity in children who have undiagnosed complex conditions or complex medical conditions with an unresolved clinical problem. This is achieved by bringing together multiple subspecialists to share information and ideas for evaluation and treatment. This program was developed to honor the life of Declan Donoghue and to bring attention to the difficulty of diagnosing unexplained medical ailments. Please contact Ms. Angel Mitchell, RN, MSN, CPN, at 336-713-2226 or for information about Declan Donoghue Collaborative Care Program. 

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