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Pediatric Enhanced Care Program Team

Nageswaran SavithriSavithri Nageswaran, MD, MPH, is a pediatric palliative care physician and the medical director of the Pediatric Enhanced Care Program. She conducts research to improve care of children with serious illnesses.

She is the recipient of the 2011 Cunniff-Dixon Physician Award. [Watch the video.] The award is given to physicians whose patient care is exemplary, who model good medicine for other physicians and who emphasize the importance of end-of-life care as a basic part of the doctor-patient relationship. 

Andrea Radulovic, RN, BSN, MPH, CHPPNAndrea Radulovic, RN, BSN, MPH, CHPPN, is a nurse coordinator of the Pediatric Enhanced Care Program (PECP). She has many years of experience in pediatric, and hospice and palliative nursing. She has developed programs for children with HIV and serious illnesses. Ms. Radulovic can be reached at 336-713-2259 or



Aura Rosado, BSW, MSWAura Rosado, BSW, MSW, is the care coordinator of the Community-based Pediatric Enhanced Care Program (CPECT and CPECT-Extend). Ms. Rosado has extensive experience working in the community caring for children and families in the disciplines of therapeutic foster care and hospice care. Ms. Rosado can be reached at 336-713-2189 or



Angel Mitchell, MSN, RN, CPNAngel Mitchell, MSN, RN, CPN, is the nurse coordinator of the Declan Donoghue Collaborative Care Program. She has many years’ experience as a pediatric nurse. Ms. Mitchell is also the program manager for the Because We Care pediatric bereavement program. Ms. Mitchell can be reached at 336-713-2226 or



Anna Miller-Fitzwater, MD Anna Miller-Fitzwater, MD is a pediatrician with the Pediatric Enhanced Care Program. She is a general pediatrician who has an interest in working with children with complex healthcare needs. 



Jamie Skaar, RN, BSN is a nurse coordinator with the Pediatric Enhanced Care Program. She has experience caring for children with special health care needs in the hospital as well as in the home health setting. She works with children with medical complexity as they transition from hospital to home care. She can be reached at 336-716-9609 or

Vanessa Ortiz, EMT-B, is the bilingual patient navigator for the Pediatric Enhanced Care Program. Ms. Ortiz assists children with complex medical needs and their families by helping them navigate the healthcare system and assisting with practical needs. Ms. Ortiz can be reached at 336-716-1563 or



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