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    We are located on the 7th Floor of Ardmore Tower West.

Family Resource Center

The Center is open for children and families in Brenner Children's Hospital, Clinics, and the community. Our goal is to encourage families to take an active role in finding information related to their child’s health and safety.

The Family Resource Center offers:

  • Comfortable sitting areas with a scenic view
  • A place where parents can come with their children to read, relax, and find health information
  • Television with channels for children
  • Staff to help families find health information
  • Pediatric Nurse Educator available part time to assist children and families in the evaluation and interpretation of health information
  • Children’s books
  • Magazines
  • Medical Books
  • Anatomical models and dolls
  • Computers with Internet access
  • Quiet play area
  • Brochures on health and safety
  • Book cart

Medical books may be checked out if needed.

Books in the Children’s Library may be signed out and returned to a basket on the inpatient units or to the Center.