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In order to help protect patients, family members and health care workers from the spread of COVID-19, no visitors are allowed at any of Wake Forest Baptist Health’s outpatient or inpatient facilities, except in certain situations.
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Summer Water Safety Tips for Kids

Summer time and warm weather have arrived in our community. Schools are out and families are planning vacations and activities in and near water. A review of basic water safety may prevent a fun time from becoming a tragic experience. 

Nearly a thousand children die each year by drowning; most occur in a home swimming pool. Kids need constant supervision in or near water. Young children can drown in as little as two inches of water. 

Follow these safety tips when your child is around water: 

Water Safety At Home  

  • Empty all buckets, containers and wading pools, store upside down.
  • Keep doors to bathrooms and laundry room closed. 
  • Always stay within arm’s reach of your child when in or near water.
  • All adults and children over four years old should learn to swim. 

Water Safety Near Pools and Spas

  • Put a four foot high fence around all sides of a pool or spa. Install a locking gate and alarms.
  • Cover the pool or spa when not in use. 
  • Use approved anti-entrapment drains and back-up devices. 
  • Watch children constantly. Don’t be distracted by reading or talking. 
  • Keep a phone nearby for emergency only. Learn CPR and how to use rescue equipment. 

Water Safety At the Beach or Lake

  • Always watch children in or near water even if they know how to swim. 
  • Everyone should wear a properly fitted U.S. Coast Guard Approved life jacket. 
  • Watch for weather changes, waves, currents and rip tides. 

With these safety tips in mind, have a fun and SAFE summer.