Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

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Pediatric Hospitalists

Our team of Pediatric Hospitalists are a group of pediatricians who care for many types of pediatric patients admitted to the inpatient units of Brenner Children's Hospital. Through close communication with each patient's primary care physician, we strive to ensure high quality care for our patients and to streamline their transition back to their medical home after being discharged from the hospital. 

In addition to caring for patients, our group of physicians also participate in several other academic activities:

  • Educational and clinical research
  • Teaching medical students and resident physicians in training
  • Developing clinical guidelines to ensure high-quality care for our pediatric inpatients based on the best and most recent scientific research
  • Participating in quality improvement initiatives throughout the medical center to continue improving the safety, efficiency, and quality of care we provide for our patients 

At any given time, there are two Pediatric Hospitalists attending physicians caring for patients on the inpatient units, each of whom serves as the lead physician overseeing one of the inpatient pediatric physician teams.

Through both daytime and nighttime teaching and careful oversight of patient care, the hospitalists provide instruction and mentorship on inpatient pediatric care for both resident physicians and medical students.

They support and routinely practice family- and patient-centered care as we develop treatment plans for our patients every day, in order to ensure that each patient’s parents are kept up to date and fully informed about their child’s diagnosis and treatment. 

The Pediatric Hospitalist physicians at Brenner Children’s Hospital are available for consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they welcome any questions or concerns about pediatric patients requiring additional care or specialist expertise.

To request a consultation, patient transfer, or patient admission to Brenner Children's Hospital, please call the Physicians’ Access Line (PAL) at 877-716-1999