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Brenner Children’s pediatric emergency department has moved back to its original location. Learn more

In order to help protect patients, family members and health care workers from the spread of COVID-19, no visitors are allowed at any of Wake Forest Baptist Health’s outpatient or inpatient facilities, except in certain situations.
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Word! Coxsackievirus

Word! Coxsackievirus

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Say: kok-SAK-ee-vy-rus

This is one of a group of viruses or germs that live in your digestive tract and can make you sick. Kids with coxsackievirus may have a fever, a stomachache, runny nose, or a sore throat. It can cause a rash and sores in the mouth.

It's easy to pass this kind of virus around by sneezing or coughing on your hands. Washing your hands a lot is the best way to keep from getting a coxsackievirus.