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Brenner Children’s pediatric emergency department has moved back to its original location. Learn more

In order to help protect patients, family members and health care workers from the spread of COVID-19, no visitors are allowed at any of Wake Forest Baptist Health’s outpatient or inpatient facilities, except in certain situations.
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Word! Menstruation

Word! Menstruation

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Say: men-STROO-ay-shun

Another word for menstruation is "period." A period is the 2 to 7 days that a girl or woman has her menstrual flow, which is when blood and tissue leave her body through her vagina.

Why does this happen? Each month, blood and tissue build up in the uterus to prepare for a fertilized egg in case a woman becomes pregnant. (The uterus is the place inside a woman's body where a baby will grow.) If the egg isn't fertilized, that lining leaves the body through the vagina and the girl or woman has her period.

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