Meet Our Team

The Brenner PICU is the leading pediatric intensive care unit in western North Carolina. Our specially trained pediatric intensive care specialists and nurse practitioners provide exceptional care for critically ill pediatric patients and work closely with our patients’ primary and specialist physicians to ensure comprehensive care.

Led by  Andora Bass, MD, the Brenner PICU team’s experienced health care professionals, trained in both critical Andora L. Bass, MD care medicine and pediatrics, are recognized as leaders in their field and treat and care for 1,500 critically ill children each year. Our board-certified or board-eligible clinicians help our pediatric patients get better by providing treatment using the latest in technology and medical advancements.

In addition to our PICU physicians and nurses, our PICU is made up of a large, multidisciplinary team of health care professionals, all specially trained to care for very sick infants and children. These include respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, clinical psychologists, pharmacists, nutritionists and radiology technicians. Pediatric critical care navigators are also part of the PICU team and are available to answer questions from patients and their family.

Your Child’s PICU Care Team

Attending physicians – board-certified or board-eligible clinicians specially trained to care for critically ill infants and children

Fellows – pediatric doctors who have completed their residency and are engaged in specialized training in the care of critically ill infants and children

Residents – doctors completing their final training in pediatrics, who are supervised by attending physicians

Nurses – pediatric intensive care nurses who have been specially trained in the care of critically ill infants and children

Respiratory therapists – clinical professionals specially trained to help infants and children breathe more effectively through the use of ventilators, oxygen and other breathing treatments

Pediatric Intensive Care Specialists