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Meet Our Team

The Brenner Children's Heart Program is made up of a team of multidisciplinary experts specially trained in pediatrics and other specialties. Our renowned cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons, advanced practice nurses and physician assistants are all dedicated to providing the best possible care for your child.  

Derek Williams, DO

The Brenner Children's Heart Program has the only pediatric interventional cardiologist in the region, Derek A. Williams, DO, Chief of Pediatric Cardiology. Dr. Williams is also the director of, pediatric cardiac catheterization laboratory and the pediatric pulmonary hypertension clinic.  



Select a name below to learn more about the health care practitioners at Brenner Children's Heart Program:

Pediatric Cardiology Team– doctors and health care practitioners who diagnose and treat children with heart conditions

Hazle Matthew
Matthew Hazle, MD

Covitz Wesley
Wesley Covitz, MD

Walsh Michael J
Michael J. Walsh, MD

Williams Derek A
Derek A. Williams, DO

Allison Welch, PA-C

Pediatric Heart Surgeons – doctors who perform heart surgery in children 

Otaki Yoshio
Yoshio Otaki, MD

Catheterization Laboratory – doctors and health care practitioners who use the body’s arteries to view and treat the heart without the need for surgery

Matthew Hazel, MD

Derek A. Williams, DO

Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesiologists – specially trained doctors who provide anesthesia care for children during heart surgery 

Douglas G. Ririe, MD

Eduardo Goenaga-Diaz, MD

Pediatric Intensivists – specially trained doctors who provide care for children after heart surgery

Andora L. Bass, MD   

Michael L. Cannon, MD

Suzanne M. Edmunds, MD

Rima J. Jarrah, MD

Michael McCrory, MD

Steven S. Mou, MD

Gregory A. Ross, MD

Pediatric Clinical Cardiac Nurses – health care practitioners who provide comprehensive nursing care and education for children with heart disease and other heart conditions 

Rebecca Wall, RN

Rhonda Hooker, LPN