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Pediatric Cardiology Patient Stories

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Nathaniel Day

When Nathaniel was born, his parents, Leanna and Matthew Day, already knew that their baby would need immediate surgery. Doctors at Brenner Children’s Hospital had discovered a congenital condition, pulmonary atresia, during his mother’s pregnancy. Read Nathaniel’s Story>>



Caleb Jones

As a former athlete, Roy Jones knew that something had to be wrong with his 15-year-old son, Caleb. A solid basketball and football player, Caleb was in terrific shape but had trouble keeping up with other players on the court and seemed winded during games. Caleb was sent to Brenner Children’s Hospital where he was seen by pediatric cardiologist, Dr. Wesley Covitz. Read Caleb’s Story>>



Tori Downey

Seven-year-old Tori Downey was originally diagnosed with pneumonia, but when her condition did not improve, further tests showed she had a heart defect known as a vascular ring. Read Tori’s Story>>



CJ Stubbs

CJ Stubbs had been playing sports all his life. He loved football and rarely let anything hold him back. So when he began passing out during football games and after strenuous exercise, his parents knew something was wrong. Read CJ’s Story>>