Pediatric Development and Behavior

Brenner Children’s pediatricians provide medical and neurodevelopmental evaluations and treatment for children with diagnosed or suspected developmental disabilities.

Concentrating on toddlers, preschoolers and young children with dual diagnoses (developmental and behavioral disorders) and complicated Attention Deficit Disorder, Brenner Children’s specialists provide behavioral evaluations and treatment. 

Brenner Children’s operates a multidisciplinary developmental evaluation clinic for children up to age five and a regional intensive care nursery program follow-up clinic. Specialists also complete neurodevelopmental evaluations for very low birth weight infants and collect data for the NIH’s Neonatal Follow-Up Network. 

A feeding clinic, called KIDS-EAT, provides a multidisciplinary evaluation of oral feeding problems and a comprehensive treatment plan, including follow-up and therapy. 

Amos Cottage houses programs for children with special needs; and it offers a number of outpatient developmental programs that are unique within our region. 

Pediatric Developmental and Behavioral Programs 

  • Pediatric Eating, Assessment and Treatment Program (KIDS-EAT): a multi-specialty clinic and treatment program for oral feeding disorders. 
  • Augmentative Communication and Assistive Learning Clinic: a multidisciplinary program that offers prescriptive evaluations, treatment and outreach services to children with expressive language impairments who have the ability to communicate and interact with assistive devices. 
  • The Amos Cottage Therapeutic Day Program (TDP): licensed through the Division of Health and Human Services and is fully accredited. The program serves children ages 3-7 who are experiencing significant social, emotional, and/or behavioral challenges that are causing a disruption in their classroom setting. The TDP employs a multi-disciplinary team approach throughout the treatment process, including the family in every phase of treatment. A licensed Winston-Salem Forsyth County teacher provides academics while the child is in treatment. Detailed program information can be obtained by calling 336-713-7443