Clinical Services

Brenner Children’s Hospital’s expert doctors, nurses and other health care professionals provide the highest level of care to the infants and children brought to Brenner Children’s Emergency Department (ED). Our pediatric ED is custom-designed to be child-friendly and we use medical devices and instruments specifically designed for use in children.

Our health care professionals are trained in both pediatrics and emergency medicine and our 130 specialists from 30 areas of pediatric medicine are readily accessible for treatment and care. We provide comprehensive care customized to each child’s specific needs. Along with our trauma and other related services for pediatric patients in our ED, Brenner’s pediatric ED team provides a range of other patient care services:

Specific Care Protocols

Each type of injury or illness requires its own treatment plan. Our pediatric ED utilizes trauma- and disease-specific protocols to provide immediate emergency medical care for conditions and injuries such as diabetes- and asthma-related complications, burns, head and neck trauma, broken bones and many other conditions.

Imaging and Radiology

We use onsite imaging services – and pediatric-trained radiologists – to pinpoint areas of concern. By having direct access to pediatric imaging and radiology capacities in our pediatric ED, we are able to immediately understand and respond to our patients’ medical needs. We also understand that children are still growing, so using minimal amounts of radiation is optimal, something we are able to do with our specially designed CT scanner.

Orthopaedic Care

Brenner’s pediatric ED and orthopaedic specialists care for all types of injuries, including broken and fractured bones, torn ligaments and sprains and strains. After locating the injury, our expert pediatric specialists provide appropriate and immediate care for our pediatric patients.

Conscious Sedation

We utilize conscious sedation to help children undergoing extreme distress from pain or testing procedures that may cause discomfort. We make sure to use the right doses customized to your child’s size and medical need.

Counseling and Support

Social workers and pastoral care professionals are on call at all times to help families at our emergency department. In addition, translators and sexual assault nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Quick Reference