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Meet Our Team

The Brenner pediatric gastroenterology team is the region’s leading program for the care of children with gastrointestinal and liver disorders. Our specially trained pediatric gastroenterologists, nutrition experts, nurses, technicians and other health care professionals provide exceptional care for our patients and work closely with our patients’ primary and specialist physicians to ensure comprehensive, specialized care and treatment.

The health care professionals at Brenner’s pediatric gastroenterology department are recognized as leaders in their field. They help our patients get better through the use of the latest in technology and medical advancements and provide a range of long-term and preventative care services.

Pediatric Gastroenterologists

Safta Anca Mihaela


Glock Michael S


Anca Mihaela Safta, MD

                                                      Michael S. Glock, MD 
 Herrera Maria Lourdes  Kratzer Tiffany D 

Maria Herrera, MD

  Tiffany Kratzer, MD 

Skelton Joseph Arnold


Joseph A. Skelton, MD



Pediatric Gastroenterology Staff

 Nicolotti Linda Marie     

Linda M. Nicolotti, PhD

 Caballero Quinones Elimarie   
 Elimarie Caballero Quinones, PsyD, MSCP   
 Goodman, Pamela   
 Pam Goodman, PA   
Seelig, Dara   
 Dara Seelig, PA   
 Almond, Angie   
Angie Almond, MEd, RD, LDN, GlADD Program Coordinator   

Christina Canale, RN

Ashley Easter, RN

Holli Hughes, RN

Jennifer Nelson, RN

Summer Richardson, RN

Kelly Shoaf, RN

David Simon, RN

Sarah Weatherman, RN

Jessica White-Webb, RN