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Clinical Services

Our doctors and other health care professionals help our patients get better, before, during and after their period of treatment. Our goal is to help our pediatric patients heal and get better in the least amount of time, with the lowest possible pain. 

Investigating the Best Possible Methods for Treatment 

We work closely with each family through our patients’ entire period of care and thoroughly investigate the best possible method to treat our pediatric patients. Whenever possible, we look for minimally invasive procedures that require less time in surgery and have the fastest recovery time. This results in a shorter hospital stay and less pain for our surgical patients. 

Family-Centered Care 

At Brenner, we believe in the philosophy of family-centered care. We work closely with families to develop individualized and customized treatment plans for their child and are always available to answer any questions parents and other family members may have. Our pediatric surgical area is specially designed so that families can stay with their children up to the point of surgery and immediately afterwards. In addition, Brenner’s pediatric surgeons work closely with our patients’ pediatricians to provide streamlined care throughout the treatment and healing process. 

Surgical Preparation Guide 

Our Surgery Preparation Guide gives patients and their families a better understanding of what will take place during their period of care at Brenner Children’s Hospital. 

Pediatric General Surgery Services at Brenner Children’s Hospital’s General Surgery Division 

Minimally Invasive Surgery 

Minimally invasive operations take less time, require less cutting, are less painful and speed the healing process so that our pediatric surgical patients get better faster, have a shorter hospital stay and have an improved quality of life. Minimally invasive surgeries are used for the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases and conditions, as well as for biopsies (the removal of cells or tissues to determine a diagnosis) and tumor removal. Typically, minimally invasive surgery will entail laparoscopy (surgery in the abdomen) or thoracoscopy (surgery in the chest or lungs to treat chest diseases or infections). 

Abdominal Surgeries 

Brenner’s team of pediatric surgeons has extensive experience in performing various abdominal operations, such as appendectomy, splenectomy and gall bladder removal, when organs are diseased or otherwise damaged. 

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) 

ECMO support provides oxygen to neonatal and young children using a heart-lung bypass machine during periods when their hearts and lungs are not working properly. The ECMO program at Brenner Children’s Hospital, one of the busiest in the country, is staffed by a team of trained specialists that uses this powerful treatment system to make sure our pediatric patients receive optimal oxygenation. 

Fetal, Newborn, and Critical Care Pediatric Surgery 

Brenner’s team of pediatric experts use state-of-the-art technology to diagnose health problems before a baby is born. This helps families prepare for the arrival of their baby and enables us to plan for the safest delivery and treatment once the baby is born. Expecting mothers and their families will have the opportunity to meet their Brenner surgical team and tour the hospital prior to the day of birth. 

Gastrointestinal Surgery 

The pediatric surgeons at Brenner’s have extensive experience in performing gastrointestinal operations; we conduct all types of GI operations, from performing an appendectomy and removing parts of a diseased colon to treating children with a wide range of gastrointestinal disorders, such as necrotizing enterocolitis in premature newborns. 

Hernia Surgery 

Hernia issues are the most common operations performed in children. When a hole located in the groin doesn’t close after birth, fluid and even intestines can pass through the hole. Our surgeons conduct hernia operations to close this sac and prevent future health problems. 

Thoracic Surgery 

The Brenner team of pediatric surgeons is highly skilled in treating digestive problems, such as acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Treatment for GERD involves the tightening of the area at the end of the esophagus so that food can pass to the stomach but not come back up. We also regularly conduct procedures to reconnect and repair the trachea and esophagus in cases where they have not connected properly, so that food can pass to the stomach and air can reach the lungs. 

Oncology Care 

Our multidisciplinary team of surgical specialists works closely with Brenner’s pediatric oncologists to treat a wide range of cancer-related problems in pediatric patients. We help with cancer diagnosis and treatment through procedures such as inserting a portocath under the skin as a direct route to the vein in chemotherapy treatment. We also perform biopsies and remove tumors through minimally invasive surgeries such as laparoscopy and thoracoscopy. 

Trauma Surgery 

A pediatric surgeon is always on call at Brenner’s emergency department to care for all types of trauma-related issues. We perform trauma-related operations for all types of conditions. Whether a child has an accident riding a bike or in a car, our dedicated group of surgical experts is ready to assist and treat him or her. 


We are one of only two burn centers in our entire state caring for children, and we often see patients from Virginia, Tennessee and South Carolina. In 2011, we treated 78 children with mild to severe burns. 

Bariatric Surgery 

Brenner’s team is dedicated to helping children struggling with obesity. We work closely with children and their parents to customize an individualized treatment plan. In some cases, bariatric surgery is recommended as the most appropriate treatment. We work with our patients’ families to make the best possible decision for the treatment of their child. Brenner houses the only dedicated and accredited adolescent bariatric surgery program in North Carolina. Families and their children participating in this program are required to maintain compliance with the treatment program. Children must have reached puberty and full height, have a BMI of ≥40 kg/m2 and have serious medical problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or sleep apnea. A doctor will review all aspects of bariatric surgery with the patient’s family to help them manage and care for their child before, during and after the surgical procedure. 

Brenner FIT Program 

The Brenner FIT (Families in Training) Program consists of a large multidisciplinary team of obesity experts, including pediatricians, behavior counselors, dieticians, physical therapists, social workers and exercise specialists, who help patients manage their weight issues through a range of treatments and changes in behavior. 


A fully dedicated team of pediatric anesthesiologists, trained for many years in the specialties of pediatrics and anesthesia, work with all pediatric departments to ensure the best and safest anesthesia plan for our pediatric patients. We conduct all types of anesthesia, including local, regional and general anesthesia: 

  • Local Anesthesia – the numbing of a certain area or part of the body. 
  • Regional Anesthesia – a type of anesthesia in which the anesthesiologist injects a medicine to block pain signals traveling to the brain. This may involve the spine, an epidural or nerve blocks. This procedure will make a child feel sleepy before, during and after the procedure. 
  • General Anesthesia – medicines are given to a child to make him or her sleep during surgery. During general anesthesia, the anesthesia team closely watches the child’s heartbeat, blood pressure, breathing and oxygen levels and may adjust the levels of medication as needed during the procedure. 


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  • Additional Information

    For new patient appointments, you may request an appointment online.
    For returning patient appointments, you may contact the clinic directly.