Pediatric General Surgery Team

The Brenner pediatric general surgery program is one of the largest pediatric surgery centers in western North Carolina and one just 4 pediatric surgical centers in North Carolina. Our specially trained pediatric general surgeons, pediatric anesthesiologists, advanced nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other health care professionals provide exceptional care for pediatric patients and work closely with our patients’ primary and specialist physicians to ensure comprehensive care. 

Dr. Thomas PranikoffLed by Thomas Pranikoff, MD, the Brenner pediatric surgical team consists of experienced surgeons and anesthesiologists trained in both pediatrics and their specialty. Recognized as leaders in their field, our health care professionals help our patients get better through providing leading-edge treatment using the latest in technology and medical advancements. 

Pediatric General Surgeons 

Doctors who specialize in general surgery in pediatric populations 

Pediatric Anesthesiologists 

These doctors have specialized training in the use of anesthesia in pediatric patients.