Brenner FIT®

For families with a concern about a child’s weight and health, our Families in Training program is one of the most comprehensive approaches in the country. Founded on the principles of behavior change and family-centered care, Brenner FIT® aims to help families in North Carolina and beyond make lasting lifestyle changes.

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Brenner FIT is an evidence-based program that focuses on the treatment of obesity in children ages 2 to 18 who have a medical concern related to their weight. A physician referral is required, and treatment involves the entire family. The Brenner FIT team includes physicians, family counselors, dietitians, social workers, activity/play specialist and physical therapist. Brenner FIT is available for English and Spanish-speaking families.

Brenner FIT is here to help families who are seeking a healthier lifestyle. We offer free nutrition and parenting classes to all members of the community. Please explore this website and discover the many ways Brenner FIT can help your family become healthy for life.