How Our Program Works

Once your physician refers you to the program:

  • Look for a letter in the mail or through your child’s MyWakeHealth account for a link to watch the Orientation session and decide if you want to continue
  • Virtually attend Brenner FIT 101 class through a group WebEx video session
  • Start the 6 months of treatment
    • In-person initial visit with Pediatrician and Activity Specialist 
    • Virtual initial visit with Dietitian and Family Counselor
    • Six virtual follow-up team visits 
    • In-person six-month medical review visit with Pediatrician 
    • Decide your family’s next step

Where is Brenner FIT? Brenner FIT Clinic is located at Amos Cottage in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 

Brenner FIT en Español: For families who speak Spanish, Brenner FIT en Español includes a Spanish-speaking case manager, dietitian and family counselor as part of this expert team.

Page last updated: September, 1 2020.
During COVID-19, details may change often.