Temporary Visitor Restrictions

Because the number of influenza cases has significantly increased throughout the region, children age 12 and under may not visit patients effective Wednesday, January 8. This applies to all Wake Forest Baptist inpatient locations and will remain in effect until the number of flu cases decreases significantly.
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How Our Program Works

Once your physician refers you to the program, your family will attend:

  • Orientation session and decide if you want to continue
  • Brenner FIT 101 class
  • Initial medical visit and meet your team to start 6 months of treatment
  • Six team visits and up to 4 classes (cooking, nutrition, activity, and parenting support)
  • Medical visit with Brenner FIT Pediatrician after 6 months to decide your family’s next step

Where is Brenner FIT? Brenner FIT Clinic is located at Amos Cottage in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 

Telemedicine Program: For families who live farther away, we provide TeleFIT, our telemedicine program. TeleFIT uses video visits to meet with families who live further away.

TeleFIT locations within North Carolina: Stokes, Greensboro, Hickory, Dobson, Elkin, Statesville, Wilkesboro.

Brenner FIT en Español: For families who speak Spanish, Brenner FIT en Español includes a Spanish-speaking case manager and dietitian as part of this expert team.