Community Partners

Brenner FIT® community outreach is made possible through strong community partnerships. Together we seek to empower individuals of all ages to establish habits that improve overall health.  

Northwest AHEC

In partnership with Northwest Area Health Education Center (AHEC) ,Brenner FIT is providing Culinary Medicine professional training along with support for community nutrition education. Also, they provide Brenner FIT with technology to create web-based education videos that are filmed in our Brenner FIT kitchen at the William G. White, Jr. YMCA.

Kohl's Cares

Kohl's provides funding for mobile kitchen education, health provider training, and intensive community programming through the Brenner FIT Academy. Through interactive and engaging mobile classes, community activities, and web-based learning, the Kohl's Cares helps families learn ways to live healthier lives and prevent weight related health problems. 

YMCA of Northwest North Carolina

Brenner FIT and the YMCA of Northwest North Carolina have teamed up to promote healthier lifestyles for the families of Northwest North Carolina. In December 2013, our two organizations celebrated the grand opening of a new educational space and teaching kitchen at the William G. White Family YMCA.  Lorena Munoz-Holladay, a class participant, shares her experiences in this Winston-Salem Journal story.

Mary’s House of Greensboro 

Mary’s House of Greensboro regularly donates food to Brenner FIT families who are in need. 

Forsyth County Humane Society 

The Forsyth County Humane Society provides dogs for Brenner FIT’s volunteer group, Brenner FITeers, to walk on a monthly basis. Brenner FITeers is made up of Brenner FIT families who want to give back to give back to the community. 

Produce Box

Produce Box regularly donates fresh and local produce to Brenner FIT families who are in need.

Beat the Heat 5K

Beat the Heat sponsored Brenner FIT in their 2016 and 2017 5K.