Meet the Brenner FIT Team

Brenner FIT Team


Brenner FIT’s pediatricians monitor and treat weight-related medical concerns of children referred to our program. They coordinate care with other pediatric specialists and primary care physicians. Our pediatricians understand that for habits to change, family team work and support is key.

 Joey Lourdes_Web gail 
 Joseph Skelton, MD, MS
Director of Brenner FIT




Lourdes Herrera, MD

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 Gail Cohen, MD




Administrative Staff

Our administrative staff serves as the primary contact for all questions about Brenner FIT in the clinic and community setting. She is here to help families, community members, and physicians with referrals, appointments, class registrations, and general questions about Brenner FIT.

Deborah Pratt
Administrative Assistant

Registered Dietitians

Brenner FIT's registered dietitians work closely with families to provide sound nutrition information to achieve health related goals. Our dietitians counsel families on a variety of topics including meal planning, creating routine with eating, balancing meals and snacks, and eating together as a family. Our dietitians also teach interactive cooking and nutrition classes.

 Melissa M  Melissa D    
 Melissa Moses, MS, RD, LDN
Registered Dietitian
  Melissa Dellinger, RD, LDN
Registered Dietitian
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Social Workers & Counselors

Our counselors and social workers help parents lead their family through health habit changes. These behavior change experts support parents with guidance and tools to successfully make changes. They provide support around issues such as parenting, bullying, and routines. 

 Lorri                                     Dara  

Lorri Busby, MSW
Family Support Specialist 


Dara Garner-Edwards, MSW, LCSW
Associate Director and Family Counselor 



 Angelica Guzman, BA
Program Manager
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Physical Therapist

Our physical therapist provides support to help improve mobility and be active by reducing pain and restoring function along with supporting families in becoming more physically active. At Brenner FIT, we know that in order to maintain physical activity in our routine it needs to be fun, safe and convenient.

  Sherry Frino, PT
Physical Therapist




Community Outreach

Our community health program manager and assistant help Brenner FIT reach our surrounding communities. They coordinate and deliver cooking classes through our Kohl’s Cooks Mobile Kitchen. They assist in teaching communities new cooking skills and recipes through hands-on experience to build confidence in feeding their families. 

  DeOnna Gray      Janet Olivares 
  DeOnna Lavette Gray, MA, MPH

Community Health Program Manager

   Janet Olivares 
Program Assistant
  N'gai   Rebecca 
  N'gai Dickerson- Chef    Rebecca Lane- Chef