Children's Cancer Support Program

The Outrageous Courageous Kids Children's Cancer Support Program (CCSP) at Brenner Children's Hospital provides support to Pediatric Oncology Patients and their families during treatment and follow-up periods through counseling services, informational programs, networking opportunities, assistance with school issues, social events and various other activities. 

Counseling Services (provided through private donations by groups and individuals):

  • Counseling for coping with diagnosis, post-treatment, and other related concerns
  • Individual, marital, and family counseling is available for patients and their family members, both during and following treatment
  • Parenting consultations for behavior problems and school issues

Peds Pals: a "big brother/big sister program" that matches medical students up with kids for them to have a buddy to visit with while they are in the hospital.

Arts for Life: a non-profit organization that gives young cancer patients cameras, film, and recording devices to have fun with and to document their experiences. They also provide lessons in photography and related art projects. Contact the Support Program Director for details.  

Referral Information: The support program counselor can help with referral sources for counseling and psychological services in Forsyth and surrounding counties.

Family Education Center (located across from the check-in rooms in the clinic): brochures, handouts, and video tapes on a variety of topics related to coping with cancer. You can browse for yourself or ask the Support Program Director for help.


Parent Meetings: If you are interested in meeting with other parents for mutual support and education, please let the Support Program Director know so you can be on our mailing list.

School Age, Adolescent and Siblings: Please contact program director for more information.

Parent to Parent Linking: This program links parents and children (newly diagnosed) together with other parents who have been through treatment with their kids in order to provide additional support and perspective.

Teen to Teen Linking: gives newly diagnosed teens a chance to talk with other teenagers who have experienced cancer and its treatment.

School Visitation Program: The staff of the Pediatric Oncology Department offers School visits to all school age children who request it. The staff member goes to the child's school, if requested, to discuss with teachers and the child's peers the nature of the illness and how they can be most helpful to the student.

Homebound School, 504 Plans and Other Health Impaired (OHI) Certification: The support program staff can assist parents in initiating the above school services." Wigs and Hats: Information about wigs, hats, and Hip Hats is available from Nancy Smith (Clinic), Jennifer Compere (Inpatient), or Jeff Ungetheim.

Spring Picnic: An annual social gathering for pediatric oncology families and staff.

Christmas and Holiday Party: An annual social event for pediatric oncology families and staff. 

E-mail Listserv: Parents can be on the email list and obtain notices of events, special programs and dialogue with the support program staff.

For more information about any of the above, contact Support Program Director Jeff Ungetheim at 336-713-5984, or e-mail at