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Childhood Cancer 

National Children’s Cancer Foundation and the Children’s Oncology Group

Arts for Life

National Cancer Institute




Association of Cancer Online Resources

Yahoo Groups

American Cancer Society

Lance Armstrong Foundation

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

American Childhood Cancer Organization

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

National Children’s Cancer Society

Make a Wish Foundation

Captain Chemo's Adventures   

Lymphoma Information Network – Childhood   

Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation

Alternative & Community Approaches 

Alternative Medicine Center – HealthWorld Online

Center for Mind-Body Medicine Home Page  

Commonweal Home Page  

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine  

Ralph Moss on Cancer – Expert Guidance for Crucial Decisions

Brain Tumors 

American Brain Tumor Association  

Children's Brain Tumor Foundation  

National Brain Tumor Society  

Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

Fatigue, Pain & More 

American Academy of Pain Management  

American Pain Foundation  

American Pain Society  

National Lymphedema Network - A World of Information on Pain

Hospice & Palliative Care 

American Childhood Cancer Organization

Children's Hospice International

Nutrition Information for Cancer Patients and Their Families 

NIH Office of Dietary Supplements  

Nutritional Medicine

Women's Cancer Center – Nutrition

Fact Sheets, Publications, Prevention 

Cancer Information Service

Welcome to Patient-Centered Guides  

Sitos Web en Español 

Sociedad Americana del Cáncer  

Español – Healthfinder  

Institutos Nacionales de la Salud   

Pan American Health Organization  

PDQ en Español  

Leukemia Society