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Pediatric Hearing Tests in North Carolina

Testing a child's hearing can be very different from testing an adult. At Brenner Children's Hospital, we have a dedicated pediatric audiology clinic where children receive the unique care they require.

We can test hearing at every age:

For newborns:

Months before a child can respond to sound, we can use objective tests to estimate and better understand hearing, starting with the newborn hearing screening.

For toddlers and children:

As a child develops the ability to respond consistently to sound, we use enjoyable activities to determine the softest sounds a child can hear. We may use visual reinforcement audiometry, so that children are taught to turn to a toy when hearing a sound, or conditioned play audiometry, so that children are taught to perform a task when hearing a sound (like putting a block in a bucket). If amplification is required, we work with both the child and the family to ensure that the child has every opportunity to maximize his or her hearing potential.

For school age children:

We provide tests of auditory processing abilities to examine how a child is processing what is heard and make recommendations accordingly. 

Learn about the different ways that we can test hearing in children: