Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

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In order to help protect patients, family members and health care workers from the spread of COVID-19, no visitors are allowed at any of Wake Forest Baptist Health’s outpatient or inpatient facilities, except in certain situations.
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Our Pediatric Cochlear Implant Team

Our experienced cochlear implant surgeons are extensively trained in the medical and surgical treatment of acute and chronic disorders of the ear, including pediatric cochlear implantation. They work together with a team of audiologists and speech-language pathologists at Brenner Children's Hospital to evaluate each child for assistive devices, from hearing aids to cochlear implants to Baha®. They also treat other related disorders and make appropriate referrals. 

Our Medical/Surgical Team

Kirse Daniel J 

   Daniel J. Kirse, MD, FAAP
   Pediatric Otolaryngologist/Head and Neck Surgery Specialist
   Cochlear Implant Surgeon

Dr. Kirse preceded his time at Brenner Children's Hospital with six years at the University of Kansas and his training at The Children's Hospital in Boston. 


Kiell Eleanor Pitz


Eleanor P. Kiell, MD 
Pediatric Otolaryngologist




Portrait- Lewis, Meagan


Meagan P. Lewis, AuD
Pediatric, Implant and Baha® Audiology Specialist

Portrait- Orcutt, Elaine


Elaine Orcutt, AuD, CCC-A
Pediatric Audiologist

Our pediatric implant audiologists are specially trained in implant technology and pediatric audiology. They have access to a variety of hearing tests, including tympanometry, otoacoustic emissions, auditory brainstem response testing and multiple formats for behavioral audiometry. Working in pairs, they test children to determine precise hearing thresholds. They are also highly experienced in hearing aid management and talk with families about the expectations and limitations of each device. 

Following implantation, a patient sees an implant audiologist frequently for programming of the device. A special bond develops between the family of an implanted child and the audiology team members. Our team members take pride in having flexible schedules with the ability to find last-minute appointments, when possible. 

Speech Pathology

Tippette Mary-Elizabeth Byorick

Elizabeth Tippette, MSP, CCC-SLP
Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist

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    8 am - 5 pm, Mon. - Fri.