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    Treating Hearing Loss in Children

    Hearing difficulties are frustrating for children and families alike. Our physicians routinely evaluate and treat infants and children with all forms and degrees of hearing loss. We see children who were born with congenital hearing loss and children who have acquired hearing loss. Regardless of the nature of the problem, there are many options available for amplification and restoration of your child's hearing. 

    Learn more about the different types of hearing loss in children and our audiology program.

    Multidisciplinary Childhood Hearing Loss Evaluation 

    If you suspect that your child has a hearing problem, our physicians will first establish the presence of hearing loss in your child and identify the severity of the problem. Next, they will make a diagnosis to explain the hearing loss. This may involve genetic testing, radiologic imaging and collaboration with other specialists at Brenner Children's Hospital. We will discuss options for amplification with you and find the best solution for your child's hearing loss. 

    Our physicians actively collaborate with audiologists and speech-language pathologists at Brenner Children's Hospital to ensure that every consideration is carefully explored and the most effective aids and therapies are provided. 

    Cochlear Implants and Baha®

    We have an established pediatric cochlear implant program for children with more complex hearing needs. We also offer the Baha® (bone anchored hearing aid) speech processor for children who have single-sided deafness or permanent conductive hearing loss. 

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