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Patient Sarah Veach

Sarah Veach 177pxWhen Sara Veach began running a fever, her mom, Yvonne, didn't worry much about it. Sarah was 17 months old and had two older brothers. Colds and fever were commonplace in the Veach household. 

But when Sarah started having trouble breathing and swallowing, her mom and dad knew it was time to visit the Pediatric Emergency Department at Brenner Children's Hospital. There, pediatric experts diagnosed Sarah with retropharyngeal abscess, an infection in the tissues in the back of the throat.

Dan Kirse, MD, a pediatric otolaryngologist, and Avi Shetty, MD, a pediatric infections disease specialist, began treating Sarah. "This infection can be life-threatening but is common and easy to treat," Kirse said. "I went in and surgically drained the infection from Sarah's throat. We placed her on antibiotics to help heal the area."

By choosing a children's hospital, Sarah and her parents benefited from pediatric experts who are trained to work only with children. "Our surgical suite has child-sized equipment and is staffed by pediatric-trained nurses, doctors and respiratory therapists who work only with children," Kirse said. "It makes the experience much more comfortable and safer for children who are having surgery."

The Veachs agree. "We are so glad we went to Brenner Children's Hospital," said Yvonne Veach. "We got the expertise we needed to diagnose and treat Sarah. I was very comfortable with Drs. Krise and Shetty - knowing they were the experts. Our doctors were thorough, friendly, warm and patient. They made sure we understood what was going on every minute."

Pediatric ENT Experts

Brenner Children's Hospital's pediatric otolaryngologists treat ear, nose and throat issues of children throughout the region. Drs. Dan Kirse, Adele Evans and Whit Mims are experts in the care of children who need routine surgical procedures such as tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy and ear tube placement.

In addition, Brenner Children's Hospital has an established cochlear implant program for children, which complements the practice of offering complex surgery on the mastoid and middle ear. Children with congenital cysts and tumors of the head and neck are also treated here. Brenner surgeons do more endoscopic and reconstructive airway surgery than anyone in the region and are intimately involved with the cleft and craniofacial clinics.

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