Get to Know Brenner

As one of the most outstanding patient care, teaching and research facilitates in the nation, Brenner Children’s Hospital is committed to the special health care needs of children and adolescents.

Our staff of physicians representing 27 medical and surgical specialties encompasses all areas of pediatric care.

Through our affiliation with the nationally recognized Wake Forest School of Medicine, Brenner Children’s Hospital is a principal site for research in diseases of infancy, childhood and adolescence. 

The Mission of Brenner Children's Hospital 

We at Brenner Children’s Hospital pledge to ensure that the children and families we serve receive the highest quality, most cost-effective care in a comfortable and compassionate setting. 

We strive to provide comprehensive, developmentally appropriate services in state-of-the-art facilities that will ensure the safety and security of the children and families we serve. 

We seek to provide a welcoming environment that is attentive to both the physical and emotional needs of our patients and their families. 

We are committed to offering a standard of medical education unsurpassed at the national level and to create an environment that promotes outstanding research aimed at improving the lives and well being of children.