Severe Weather Alert Update: 12:40 pm, Dec. 9, 2018

All Wake Forest Baptist Health clinics, including Urgent Care locations, will be closed Monday, Dec. 10.

Information for employees: Staff and faculty members are encouraged to review the Severe Weather Policy and the Severe Weather Guidelines for information related to attendance and notification procedures. [Employee Access Only]

    • Radiothon Photo Gallery

      Lora Songster and Patient Lilly 500px

      Lora Songster and Patient Lilly

      Fred the Bear Telling His Story 500px

      Fred the Bear Telling His Story

      Volunteers Taking Pledges 500px

      Volunteers taking pledges

      Great Clips Employees 500px

      Great Clips Employees

      Fred at 2011 Radiothon 178px

      Fred the Bear at the 2011 Radiothon

      Furnitureland South 422px

      Furnitureland South

      Fred and Radiothon Volunteers 375px

      Fred and Radiothon Volunteers

      Great Clips Employees Answering Phones 375px

      Answering Phones at Radiothon

      Valerie King Radiothon 500px

      Valerie King at Radiothon

      Lora Craig and Lizz 500px

      Lora, Craig and Lizz at Radiothon

      Kohls Employees 437px

      Kohls Employees at Radiothon

      Fred Answering Phones 322px

      Fred answering phones

      Lora Songster 375px

      Lora Songster

      Lora and Lizz 500px

      Lora and Lizz

      Fred the Bear 178px

      Fred working hard at 2011 Radiothon

      Volunteers Working Phones 256px

      Volunteers working the phone bank

      Bayada answering phones

      Volunteer from Bayada Nurses

      Friends at Radiothon

      Friends of Brenner Answering Phones

      Great Clips Answering Phones

      Great Clips Volunteers 

      Phones tied up

      Phones tied up