A Brenner FIT® Family

The Brenner FIT® program is a family-centered, evidence-based approach to weight management. This means we use the latest in research-proven methods to improve the weight and health of your child and family. We include the whole family in the treatment process, and focus on changing habits and behaviors, rather than restrictive diets and harsh exercises.   Brenner FIT Family

What To Expect In Brenner FIT

Every family is unique. The treatment plan developed with you will reflect that uniqueness. Each plan addresses the individual needs of your family as you create goals for realistic, long term health changes. In general, each family proceeds in treatment through these five steps.

1: Referral
2: Orientation
3: Attend FIT 101 Class
4: Individualized family care with a team of expert clinicians (6 months)
5: After treatment care and support (optional)

For families who live farther away, we provide TeleFIT sites in Greensboro, Dobson, Boone, Elkin, Wilkesboro, Hickory and Lenoir.

For families who speak Spanish, Mejor Salud Mejor Vida includes a Spanish-speaking Case Manager as part of the expert team.