Donate Breast Milk

Do you have extra breast milk and want to make a difference?

NICU_BabyBy donating your extra breast milk, you can help fragile babies in need.

“Since human milk has been found to help protect premature infants from developing life threatening infections,” says Cherrie Welch, MD, MPH, director of the neonatal intensive care unit, “the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all infants born prematurely receive human milk and if their own mother’s milk is not available, that they receive donated human milk.”  

By donating your excess breast milk, you can help Brenner Children’s provide human milk nutrition to the critically ill, premature babies in our NICU who may not be able to receive milk from their mother. Operated by Prolacta Bioscience, Brenner Children’s Donor Milk Program is easy, and there is no cost to participate.

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